Boat to Rurrenabaque-Jungle Tour-Madidi National Park 4d/3n


Boat to Rurrenabaque is better than ever. More inclusions. More Activities!



We have reduced the size of the groups from 18 to just 10.

Be one of the exclusive groups leaving once a week!

Boat to Rurrenabaque 4 days/3 nights

Madidi’s never been closer than now!

The only Jungle Tour that starts from La Paz (or Coroico), the only Jungle Tour in Bolivia and South Am that will show you all the layers of the Jungle. The only Jungle Tour where you’ll be in close contact with the Rainforest because you will not only get beautiful guided walks in the Rainforest, you will get different scenery from the boat all the time and you will see an area of Madidi National Park that nobody else does . On this tour you will see the upper and lower sections of the Cloud Forest and the upper, intermediate and lower sections of the amazing Deep Rainforest. Only on this tour you will go straight through a Jungle Canyon with cliffs 200 m high.

The amazing way to get to Rurrenabaque and after do the Pampas (grasslands)

Come with us, check it out!

Before you go further on the programme we want to tell you that on the first day we will go on a public bus to the River. That is part of the agreement Deep Rainforest has with the locals in order to share the business. But don’t be scared. It is part of the agreement that bus drivers will be flexible to stop if needed (to pee) and absolutely helpful.

1st day.- MORNING DEPARTURE 11:45 to 12:00. Pick up at your Hotel (Please be punctual)

Departure 13:30 . (2.5 hrs drive) to the next stop where we pick up people joining the group from Coroico.

COROICO DEPARTURE 14:45 to 15.00 pick up from Coroico’s main Plaza across from the Church. A transfer will be organised by us to take you from Coroico’s Plaza to the main road to join the group. This car will drop you off at the police check post wehere you will be picked up by the Bus coming from La Paz. We will give you all the Bus details and the Bus driver will know about you. We need you to be patient until bus comes (30 min to 1.5 hours later).

Once we pick up the people coming from Coroico we will have a 2 hrs ride to the next town called Caranavi. There we will have a stop for proper toilet. After that we will have the last 2.5 hours to the River Town where our guide will be waiting for us to take us to the Hostel.(Hostel is pretty basic)


NIGHT DEPARTURE: We will pick you up at 23.00 at your Hotel and take you to the Taxi Stop. There is where we arrange the car that is going to take you to the river. You will drive overnight and get to the River Town to join the group that left earlier for breakfast and a nice cold shower.

2nd day.- 09:30 Once we have received the other members of the group from the night trip we will depart from the Boat Starting Point and head to a sided canyon (1 hr) where we will have our first walk in the Rainforest (2hrs). This Upper Rainforest is full of Rubber Trees and we will have the chance to swim in a beautiful Natural Pool.


By the time we come back lunch will be ready and we will get on the boat again (3hrs) to one of the beautiful isolated sandy beaches.

We will provide all traditional camping stuff: rolling foam mattress , personal boxed mosquitoe nets & sleeping bag.

We sleep at one of the communities during the Wet season (Dec-April) No beaches available.

3rd day.- 08:00 We will get on the boat again for a long lap onboard (4 hrs) We’re going to have lunch on the boat.

Then we will have a walk in the Flat Low Rainforest of Madidi National Park (3 hrs).


During the walk, our guide will explain about the Rainforest, the uses of the different types of trees and other tips about the Jungle. We will get on the boat again (1.5 hrs) and this time we’re going to have one of the most impressive experiences of our lives; we will pass through the most exuberant steep sided canyon.


We will also visit a farm of a local for you to try some fruits straight from the tree. 1 more hour on the boat and we will get to the campsite.

After dinner you’ll have the Amazing Night Walk in the Jungle (1.5 Hrs.)

4th day.- 08:00 Short ride to the starting point for our last walk in the Rainforest of Madidi National Park

We will get on the boat and from the boat Clay cliffs can be seen where frequently Macaws are found.


Also the famous El Bala Canyon where Chinese wanted to build a dam and flood 1 million square hectares. Thank god that’s not going to happen in the near future.


Our last ride downstream to Rurrenabaque takes about 1 hrs. so we will have lunch onboard always with superb Primary Rainforest on the sides of the river.


By then you will have seen the upper and lower sections of the Cloud Forest; the upper, intermediate and lower sections of the Rainforest. Believe it or not! No other tour gives you the chance to see all the stages of the Jungle.

13:00 to 14:00 Arrival at Rurrenabaque.

* Programme above is just a reference. Times for departures, meals and activities may vary as they depend on different factors. The guide will tell the group every morning about the day programme.


Departures: once a week as advertised on Set departures

Other days with a minimum of 3 people with three-four days notice.


10 people max. 03 people min.

INCLUDING: 1 night Hostel, 2 nights acc (boxed mosquito net + mattress, sleeping bag, dry season May-Dec, Community houses Wet season Dec-April), transport, boat, guide, cook,. Meals 3 B – 3 L – 3 D, water on days 3 & 4 (bring your own water for the first & second day)


Extra drinks, cigarettes, snacks, entrance fee to Madidi National Park (200 Bs- 28 usd) tips.


No English Speaking Guide available.  We strongly believe that only the men born in the jungle are those who will lead a tour properly in the Jungle. Never a City slicker jungle guide will know that well the jungle than the jungle men born in the Rainforest. We advice to learn some spanish which will be good enough to get along on the trip. Our guides give extremely understandable explanations using gestures, hands and parts of the body. They speak perfect Spanish though.


You can bring all of your staff. We put your rucksack at the front of the boat covered with plastic.


There´s no power access to recharge camera batteries once the tour has started, so please make sure your batteries are well charged or better yet bring an extra battery.


We take water containers for days 2 & 3.


It is essential at the beaches where we camp and for during the walks

PRICE: 1990 Bs (290 usd) P/PERSON