Things you need to bring

Things you need to bring…..

Wide brim hat Sun is very strong. A wide brim hat will protect your face and neck. Although a baseball cap is o.k. do not forget that you’ll be exposed to direct sun rays at more than 5 000m
Water proof jacket and trousers This is needed because it can rain at any time. Even when we will provide with climbing clothing, you will need your own water proof clothing while at the camp.
Very warm clothes for high temperatures Temperatures go from  – 10 C to – 40 C
Sandals + 4 pairs of socks Sandals are very use at the camp for you to be comfortable. You need the pairs of socks when you wear the plastic boots.
Trekking boots There’s lots of walking involved on each programme. We will provide the rigid plastic boots for the ice parts.
Ruck Sack 35 lts. Is a recommended size for the things you’ll need during the high-camp to summit parts 60 lts is recommended for all your clothing needed for the climb which is going to be carried by our porters or donkeys/mules/llamas accordingly
Head torch + spare batteries We provide head lamps but you must bring yours in case you drop ours. This happens during the ice-parts mostly
Thermal gloves You need those thermal gloves. We will provide the big wind proof gloves for climbing
Strong sun block & sunglasses Sun rays get stronger as we go higher up. Factor 50 or 60 is recommended. Sunglasses with UV protection are essential
Personal cleaning stuff and wet tissues.           Toiletries Wet tissues are helpful when you sweat during climbing. You need your toiletries to be clean during the Tour
Swiss army-knife + bottle water You never know when you’ll need a knife or scissors. Bottle water is essential.
Spare films and batteries for cameras Binoculars Batteries last less with the altitude and cold. No shops where to buy films or batteries nor electricity available. Recharge you batteries before going on the climbing programme. You can see more details with binoculars.
Toilet paper No comments
Snacks, drinks & cigarettes. These items are not included.
Lighter Bring your lighter if you smoke
Good mood We need it to survive