The Ayahuasca Healing Experience

The Shamanic Healing Ceremonies The Ayahuasca Healing Experience



Ayahuasca is a Quechua (language of the Incas) word that means vine of the souls.
It is been used by our indigenous people since the beginning of our days.
It is certainly unknown and we will never know when the first man prepared the brew, when he took it, whether he did it on purpose or by accident. The truth is that nowadays we have Ayahuasca as one of the most complex entheogens.
We must take this programme seriously as it is not just a pack of cigarettes you buy on the street; this is part of our Culture in the Bolivian lowlands.
Whether you come over just by curiosity or to experience a Truly Shamanic Experience you must get involved at the time of undertaking the trip. Ayahuasca is a tradition and as any tradition must be very, very respected and we have to be very respectful with what we are going to see and feel.
We strongly refuse to take people to our Shaman on a 1, 2 or 3 day programme like many other companies do around South America; we consider this practice irresponsible because tradition is not a pack of cigarettes you can buy on the street.
Otherwise it can be a nonsense experience that will make you waste time and money.
Our place to contact for the programme is Cobija, but it can be changed to Rurrenabaque.
1st day.- 08:00 On this day we will fly over the Andes to then go into the a part of the
great Amazon Rainforest. This superb portion of territory covers 63 % of Bolivia. Some Jungle has become grasslands naturally and manmade. Anyway, we will fly to the extreme North of Bolivia, to the border Town Cobija.
We will check in at one of the nice Hotels in this Beautiful Amazonian Town and prepare things for the 4×4 trip next day. Basically on this day we will start purifying our body, meals will be based on vegetables and we advice you to stop drinking alcohol at least one day before departure

2nd day.- We will start with the 4×4 trip that’s going to take us to a place near the
house of our Shaman. After a short walk, we will see the simple house our Shaman owns. He will welcome us and after settling down and rest using the mosquito net to protect us we will start interacting with the Shaman. We will probably have rice with yucca and salads with just a peace of meat that can be from the Jungle. After dinner we will have a tea made of herbs from the Jungle to clean the stomach. Some of us will vomit some will just go to the loo several times.
3rd day.- In the morning we will have a light but nutritive breakfast based on fruits, and
some milk and rice. After an hour we will have the second tea and again we will have the experiences we had the day before. Now we will be ready to take our first walk in the Rainforest with our Shaman. Remember that the most important thing is to let the Jungle penetrate our minds and bodies. It can be a long walk or just a short stroll. By the time we get back to the house dinner will be ready and to sleep will have never been more pleasant than this night.
4th day.- Today in the morning will be the last time to clean our internal organs. In the
afternoon and after a nice walk sharing experiences with our Shaman we will take Ayahuasca by Sunset. This time will just be a small portion in order to get used to it. Our Shaman is our spiritual guide and he is constantly teaching us about what we are doing.
5th day.- We will have all morning long to recover and rest. In the afternoon we will
walk in the Rainforest and come back to the house. This time our experience will be bigger and our Shaman will have already the “mesa” for the spirits of the Jungle. A larger portion will be taken by the members of the group.
6th day.- This is our day when in communion with the Shaman everybody will be part of
the ritual.  It is going to be a long day that will seem minutes for us.
7th day.-Now we will start to say good bye to the Jungle and gradually will be taking
smaller portions
8th day.- Our last portion of Ayahuasca will be given to us very early in the morning. By
lunch we will be ready for a different walk in the Rainforest. Now the meaning of this magnificent sample of Nature will be kept deep inside our hearts.
9th day.- On this day we are going to have a Farewell party. Our last night in the
Shaman’s house will be to share some more knowledge of this incredible man. Early next day by the time we head back, he will have already gone into the Jungle.
10th day.- Our 4×4 will pick us to take us to Cobija or Rurrenabaque accordingly. We
will check in at our Hotel enjoy the swimming pool and just wait for great dinner.
11th day.- This a free day for the members of the group to explore this beautiful
Jungle Town. Next day the plane will take us back to Crazy La Paz
12th day.-08:00 Tranfer to the Airport
09:50 Flight to La Paz 45min  or 1.5 hrs
Transfer to your Hotel.
*Times for departures, meals and activities may vary as they depend on different factors. The guide will tell the group every morning about the day programme.
With 1 month notice
24 people max.  04 min. per group.
Just you on your Own? Please write to find out if the are other person wanting to form a group.
3 nights Hotel, 8 nights accommodation tents or at Shaman’s place, personal mosquito net,  meals: breakfast, lunch & dinner as required, boiled water, flight tickets to and from La Paz, on land transport, Fluent English Interpreter.
Snacks, drinks & tips
Check out the “Things you need to bring” section. 

PRICE: 1pax  1500 USD
2 – + pax   990 USD P/PERSON