Takesi Trail 4 days

Takesi Trail – 4 days

This is another combined trek where you get to see both High Mountain and Cloud Forest but, shorter than Choro Trail, that’s why we will also cover part of Alto Takesi . 90 % of the Trail is Pre- Inca Pavement. Beautiful Andean lake on the way will be part of this beautiful trek. Hard on the first lap (first 2 days), and downhill till the end for a beautiful 4 day Trek high up in the mountains and deep inside the Cloud Forest.


TAKESI – 4 day trek

1st day.- 07:00 pick up from the Hotel.

2:30 min Spectacular drive to the starting point Mina San Francisco. Scenic drive where you will get to see beautiful views of the City to then see Palca Canyon and the Illimani Valley. Mururata Mountain will appear at the end of the drive. We will drive to 4.400m. Scenery is simply amazing from the beginning to the end.

09.30 At this time we will take some free time to walk in the surroundings while the guide arranges mules or donkeys. Once everything is ready, we will walk uphill to the pass 4:850 m.(1 ½ hrsr walk) From there, we will take a side path to Alto Takesi to later camp by an Andean lake. Total walk 5-6 hours

2nd day.- On this day we will walk to one of the high mountain lakes there are around

Mururata Mountain. We will camp right there below Mururata massif. We will be at one of the most isolated areas in the Cordillera Real, because most of the trekkers go straight into the cloud forest. Total walk 7-8 hours

3rd day.- On this day we’ll head back to main trail and from there is all the way downhill to the place where we will set up the campsite 2.200 m.  Total Walk: 7 hours

4th day.- We will already be in the Cloud Forest. Views from the campsite and along the path are extremely beautiful, After  3 ½ hours walk in the Yungas we will arrive at  Mina Chojlla, which used to be one of the richest tin & wolfram mines in Bolivia.

13:00 Bus back to La Paz 4 hours if your Tour has started on Wednesday or Thursday. (Other days imply staying overnight in Chojlla due to Bus schedule.

Buses leave from Monday to Friday at 05:30 a.m. for La Paz) 

*Times for departures, meals and activities may vary as they depend on different factors. The guide will tell the group every morning about the day programme.

DEPARTURES: Recommended days are Wednesday & Thursday to come back to La Paz on Saturday or Sunday. Other days with 3 days notice(imply coming back on the 5th)


20 people max. 01 min. per group.


3 nights accommodation in tents, camping mattress, local guide, meals 3 B – 4 L – 3 D,

Porter or donkeys according to chart,  transport La Paz–Choquekhota (private)/ Chojlla – La Paz (public).


*Walking sticks, purification pills, *sleeping bag, water, *water bottle, drinks, cigarettes, snacks, entrance fee-30 Bs, tips. 1 night accommodation in Chojlla if the Tour finishes from Monday to Friday.

*Some items not included can be rented from our company.

AVAILABLE: English Speaking guide or translator (additional 40 usd to be paid by the whole group, not per person) When ever we have one request for English Speaking guide or translator, the rest of the group will pay for it.


1 – 2   pax – 1 guide – 1 porter (only for food and tents)

3 – 4 pax – 1 guide – 2 donkeys. Tourists can bring 10 k bag-packs

5 – 20 pax – 1 guide + 1 donkey every 3 tourists. Tourists can bring 10 k bag-packs

Extra  porter/donkey/mule, weight limit is 10kg. 25 USD per day

COOK?  Our guide is the cook at the same time.

FOOD? Big meals are breakfast and dinner. Massive sandwiches for lunch though.

VEGGIE FOOD? Veggie food is a step better than basic.


You must bring only what is needed for groups of 1 – 2 people. It is allowed to bring your 10 k rucksacks for groups bigger than 2 people.


Check out the “Things you need to bring” section at the end of this booklet 

Adequate trekking insurance is essential. If you don’t have one, you can purchase a “SHORT TERM INSURANCE FROM OUR COMPANY”