Sajama National Park 5-6 days

Sajama National Park 5 – 6 days

High Mountain Trek in the Bolivian Western Andes.

Extreme North of the Continent in Venezuela to the extreme South in the Patagonian Argentina splits into two Ranges only in Bolivia, forming what it is called The Altiplano in the middle?

Get to see it!! The Western Andes of Bolivia with huge perfect shaped volcanoes like Sajama, Parinacota & Pomerape during the whole Trek.

Best way to do Sajama is in a relaxed way, since the option we give you here is with public transport. First day is practically to get there as well as the last day for return. The good thing is that you spend 4 nights in the park.

However, this programme can be shortened to 3 days if we used private transportation, which also means more money to pay. Ask about it, especially when there’s a group of four or six people so private transport becomes cheaper.


1st day.- 07:00 Transfer to the Bus Stop. We will take a public bus to Patacamaya (2 ½ hrs) and to Sajama Village (2 ½ hrs). We will get to the Village around 4 or 5 p.m. We camp close to the Village.

2nd , 3rd  & 4th day.- During these days you will be walking in the first park of Bolivia. Around Sajama you will see the highest forest in the world with plants “Keñua” that can grow above five thousand meters. Sajama is an extinct Volcano and the highest in the Bolivian Andes. Other  high mountains in the area are Pomerape 6222 m, Parinacota 6132 m , Quimsa Chatas 6032 m. This Trek will take you to hot springs, a high mountain lagoon and geysers, peculiar wetlands that feed llamas, alpacas and Vicuñas, wild life is so rich in this area and you will enjoy it.

Your specialised guide will always be there to clear out your doubts.

This trek is also a good way to get acclimatised before climbing one of the peaks of the Western Andes.  This trek is definitely different to others in the Andes.
5th day.- 12:00 Bus back to La Paz.

15:00 Arrive in La Paz and transfer to Hotel


This Trek can be extended in one or more days by hiking up to Sajama , Pomerape or Parinacota high camps. Ask about it so that we can shape the trek to your needs.

*Times for departures, meals and activities may vary as they depend on different factors. The guide will tell the group every morning about the day programme.


With 3 days notice.


18 people max.  01 min. per group.(1 guide every 6 people)


4 nights accommodation in tents (or 5 if you take the 6 day trek), camping mattress, local guide, meals 3 B – 3 L – 3 D, As you know we don’t charge for days 1 & 5.

mules 10  kgs weight limit per person.


*Walking sticks, purification pills, *sleeping bag, water, *water bottle, drinks, cigarettes, snacks, entrance fee-50 Bs, tips.

*Some items not included can be rented from our company.

AVAILABLE:  English Speaking guide or translator (additional 40 usd to be paid by the whole group, not per person) when ever we have one request for English Speaking guide or translator, the rest of the group will pay for it.


If you have more luggage than our weight limit (10 kg), you will have to hire another mule at an extra cost. Extra pack animal 15 usd per day


Our guide is the cook at the same time


Big meals are breakfast and dinner. We provide massive sandwiches for lunch though.


Veggie food is a step better than basic.


You must bring all of what you can for the entire programme.


Check out the “Things you need to bring” section

Adequate trekking insurance is essential. If you don’t have one, you can purchase a “SHORT TERM INSURANCE FROM OUR COMPANY” 


1 pax    620 Bs P/DAY P/ PERSON
  2 – 6 pax   450 Bs P/DAY P/ PERSON