Chachacomani (6370m) 7 days

If you are a real climber, then you will think about this mountain as well, Bolivia has many other six thousands, so here we show you a beautiful one, the one that will take you to a true isolated mountain in the middle of Cordillera Real. You will be to a mountain visited jus by a few of climbers. A remote area for you to enjoy it 100%. Allow 2 or 3 days above 3500m before taking this climbing programme.

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1st day.-08:00 Departure from La Paz. Private transport to JanKholakhaya. This is also a camping place when you do the trek “Cordillera Real Traverse”. 3 hrs drive and we get to this beautiful place at the base of the massif. We camp and have the afternoon free to explore the area.

2nd day.-On this day  we will head to Negruni Massif. We will have a hike full of pristine air and isolated area. After a pass, we will drop down to the camping place.

Beautiful trek. That will demand us all day long. 5 – 7 hrs walk

3rd day.- Now it is time to take an invisible side path that will lead us to the base camp. Hiking in the Andes has never been better. On the way to the base camp we’ll be able to see some Condors as the area is still untouched.  4-6 hrs walk Camping at the base camp.

4th day.- Definitely a hard day. All the way up to 5400 will give us the chance to experience the altitude as it is. Any ways the pace is for non-trained people. Views from high camp are definitely a surprise for the group. We get to high camp around midday after 4 hrs walk. Then we will just save energies for the last challenge.

5th day.-Like most of the mountains, our guide will wake you up in the middle of the night.

02:00 a.m. Strong coca tea before going to the summit. Now you will be wearing all the climbing equipment and with the rigid plastic boots on. Ropes and harnesses and our experienced guide leading the final part of the expedition. On the way we will have a couple of difficulties which are cliffs 100, 150 and 200 m high. 60º inclined. After 6 hours we’ll be at the top. After just a few minutes we will descend straight to high camp where we will spend the rest of the day.

6th day.-This day is just for the trek down to the base camp.  5 – 7 hrs walk

7th day.- We will leave the mountain behind to go straight to Jankholakaya. Our transport will be waiting for you  with a really strong meal before driving back to La Paz. 5 – 7 hrs walk

Late arrival at La Paz Hotel.

*Times for departures, meals and activities may vary as they depend on different factors. The guide will tell the group every morning about the day programme.


With 5 days notice.


18 people max.  01 min. per group.(1 guide every 2 people)


7 nights accommodation in tents, camping mattress, sleeping bag, Plastic boots, crampons, harnesses, ice axes, head lamp, jacket, trousers, gloves, balaclava, fleece, underpants,
meals 6 B- 7L- 6D, private transport La Paz – Starting point – La Paz, 1 certified guide every 2 people.


*Walking sticks, *sun glasses, purification pills, water, *water bottle, drinks, cigarettes, snacks, entrance fee-50 Bs, tips..

*Some items not included can be rented from our company.

AVAILABLE:  English Speaking guide or translator (additional 100 usd to be paid by the whole group, not per person) when ever we have one request for English Speaking guide or translator, the rest of the group will pay for it.


If you have more luggage than our weight limit (15 kg), you will have to hire another mule at an extra cost.


Our guide is the cook at the same time


Big meals are breakfast and dinner. We provide massive sandwiches for lunch though.


You must bring all of what you can for the entire programme.


Check out the “Things you need to bring” section

Adequate Climbing insurance is essential. If you don’t have one, you can purchase a “SHORT TERM INSURANCE FROM OUR COMPANY” 


1 PAX          900 Bs P/DAY P/PERSON
2 PAX +       600 Bs P/DAY P/ PERSON