Unspoiled Remote Jungle Trek Alto Madidi (Secret Route) 15 days / 14 nights

Alto Madidi
Unspoiled Remote Jungle Trek – 15 days/14 nights

From Rurrenabaque

What’s Alto Madidi?

It is one of the most pristine areas of Madidi National Park, far in the north edge of the Park is Alto Madidi River which is unaccesible to the regular tourist because most of them just go to an area one hour away of Rurrenabaque.

Only suitable for that Tough Trekker. Weight is divided among  our guides, porters and our clients. No excuses! It is hard work. So many days in the Jungle demands taking heavy supplies. In compensation, you will see that untouched and precious gem.

Also available the LIGHT ALTO MADIDI TREK on which we include more people to carry the weight but at a different price.

Nature shapes the landscape every year, and it does change it mostly during rainy season. So if conditions are not good for the date you booked, we will take you to another pristine & untouched area of Madidi.

Definitely another good option to see and feel the Amazon Rainforest only under the style of Deep Rainforest Tour Operator!

Come with us, check it out!

1st day.- 08:00: Our guide will pick you up  at your place in Rurrenabaque to take you to the other side of the river and depart from San Buenaventura in a public mini bus or taxi. Around midday we will get to a village from where we will get on a different transport for 3 more hours.  The group might have to stay at the village and next day get on the transport that will take the group to the starting point of the long trek.

2nd day.-08:00 from here to the 10th day we will walk for about 6 hours daily. We arrive around 4 p.m. to the place chosen by the guide in order to set up the campsite.

Every morning we  will have massive power breakfast to start the walk again. There is no lunch so you must bring plenty of snacks. It is only after setting up the camp that our crew will prepare dinner that is normally served around 8 p.m.

Be ready to walk more hours some days as we don’t know exactly where to camp and also don’t know if nature made a change on the terrain already.

Some nights will be used for exploration, specially when the guide sees animal tracks.

Most of the times our guides walk by orientation, be sure that they will take you out of the jungle. So don’t missunderstand if  sometimes you have to walk several minutes the path  back again in order to catch the route (they are not lost). Our guides have grown in the Jungle and they can read the green, they know the differences of all the scents and know when to head back.

11th day.- Around the 10th or 11th day is when the guide will decide whether to have or not river navigation. if you won’t do river navigation maybe that will imply walk more hours every day or maybe not.

Things are definitely flexible and during the entire trek you may have to camp two nights at the same place or just walk a couple of hours. So, you will be in nature and in the jungle where everything is so relaxed time and conditions are totally different than in the mountains or cities.
At the same time of walking you will learn some survival techniques, and our guides will always be giving accurate explanations of the Rainforest. Each night is for camping in the middle of the Jungle.

15th day.-The group normally camps close to an invisible Jungle road from where you will get the transport to the Village, from there you will finally head to Rurrenabaque.

* Times for departures, meals and activities may vary as they depend on different factors. The guide will tell the group every morning about the day programme.


As advertised on Set Departures of this web page

Non scheduled departures should be arranged until 2 weeks before departure with minimum 2 people.

No group needed for Set departures.


06 people max. 02 min


Public transport Rurre/Starting point/Rurre, 14 nights acc-camping, boxed mosquito net & foam mattress,  guide/cook, meals 2 lunches first & last day- 14 Breakfasts – 14 Dinners.


Sleeping bag, water (bring purifying pills) & drinks, cigarettes, snacks, tips (allow 5 to 10% of tour cost for guides and porters).

PRICE: 01 pax  100 usd p/day

02-06 pax  70 usd p/day p/person

Price: LIGHT ALTO MADIDI TREK add 50% of total cost.