Things you need to bring (P from Rurre)

THINGS YOU NEED TO BRING Jungle & Pampas Tours

Wide brim hat Sun is very strong. A wide brim hat will protect your face and neck. Although a baseball cap is o.k.
Long sleeved shirts (light colours) A long sleeved shirt protects you from mosquito bites and from ticks going straight to your arm pit. We recommend light colours because mosquitoes are less attracted to them.
Long trousers (light colours) Long trousers protect you from mosquito bites and from ticks going straight to your inner thighs. We recommend light colours because mosquitoes are less attracted to them.
Cheap trainers to throw away for                “Anaconda walk” You can buy them in Rurrenabaque for 3 usd This is to avoid fungal infection Only Pampas Tour Cheap trainers, tennis shoes, snickers etc. are used during the walk in the swamp which is very stinky, dirty and …..Full of fungus. We don’t provide rubber boots because they are hard to dry. It’s a paradise for fungus inside the boots. During the walk mud and water will come inside anyway making your feet slide and rub. With that heat and humidity after some minutes of friction….. Congratulations! You get blisters. When a blister is open funguses go into your blood stream easily and then you get a SERIOUS FUNGAL INFECTION. It takes 6 months at least and about 500 usd to get rid off a fungal infection. It doesn’t matter how well you wash your feet, after that you’ll be infected. Cheap trainers are FUNGUS & BLISTER PROOF
Short pants You can use short pants when on the boat
Rain jacket or poncho It can rain at any time in the Pampas and Jungle. When it rains, it does rain.
Swimming stuff & mosquito repellent DEET (Sandals, Towel, Suntan lotion) Every time we go on the boat, we may have swimming time. Mosquito repellent is essential for pleasant Jump-in
Strong sun block & sunglasses Sun rays get stronger with the reflection of the water.
Torches & spare batteries. There is no electricity during the Tours
Sleeping bag. You don’t need sleeping bag for the Pampas. You must bring yours for the Jungle or rent one from the Company
Personal cleaning stuff and wet tissues. Toiletries Wet tissues are helpful when you sweat during the walks both in the Jungle and Pampas You need your toiletries to be clean during the Tour
Swiss army-knife Very useful if you want to have some fruit on the boat or try some wild fruit in the Jungle
Purifying pills (Only Jungle Rafting and Treks more than 3 days) We don’t provide bottled water for long Treks and Jungle Rafting
Spare films and batteries for cameras Sometimes is hard to find them in Rurrenabaque
Cash No ATM in Rurrenabaque
Toilet paper No comments
Snacks, drinks & cigarettes. These items are not included.
Lighter Bring your lighter if you smoke
Good mood We need it to survive