Bike & Jungle Rafting to Rurrenabaque 6d/5n

Bike & Jungle Rafting – La Paz to Rurrenabaque
Down the World’ Most Dangerous Road
The “No noise experience” Madidi’s never been closer than now!
Inner tube Rafting 6 days/5 nights

Get the feeling; get the rush before the lush. A great way to combine both Adrenaline and calm chill out!


The only Jungle Tour that starts from La Paz that includes bike ride and wild set up in the Rainforest. This is the tour to feel the Jungle very close, no motor noise, just the Jungle and us floating downstream one of the major Amazon Rivers in Bolivia. Six days from La Paz to finally end in Rurrenabaque. This first hand experience in the tropics is just overwhelming. Never the Rainforest seem more beautiful than on this tour, every minute from the raft will be a picture you will not forget. For instance: crossing a Jungle Canyon will be inserted in your brains for ever. Madidi National Park in your hands from an area nobody else sees it!

Complete Jungle Tour for you to see all the layers of the Rainforest + side walks in the Jungle.

Definitely the wildest way to see the Amazon Rainforest! Come with us, check it out!

1st day.- 06:45 a.m. Meeting time at our Bike Ride Center for Breakfast.

Departure 07:30 a.m Start driving up to the Pass where all the equipment will be provided

09:30 a.m. Start going down for 4 hours down the World’s Most Dangerous Road.

13:30 Massive lunch provided. Showers. 15:00 drop off at the main road to join the group.

Here we’ll wait until 17:00 for to road that is under construction to be open.

17:00 3 Hrs. drive to Caranavi. Dinner. 21:00 the last 3 hours you will have to stand which is worth while because next day starts the Experience of your lives. After arriving at the Rafting Starting Point you will be walked to a Hostel.

2nd day.- 08:00 breakfast. 09:00 to 09:30 Start on the raft and after 2 hours get to a sided canyon to walk in the Jungle surrounded by rubber trees and swim in a natural pool. Lunch and then we will be rafting downstream for 3 or more hours to one of the beaches on the way. We can make campfire in the Dry season at the campsites (Total time on the Raft: approx. 5 hrs)

3rd day.- We‘ll be during the whole morning on the raft. We may stop at the last point of civilization to buy some extra supplies and you can also have your last cold beers. Being on the raft is just a “ONCE IN A LIFE EXPERIENCE” The river gets wider and in the dry season we will be able to see lots of gold diggers working on the river banks. While we are on the Jungle Raft calm is just impressive, suddenly silence is broken by
bird calls, incredibly, birds seem everywhere when, minutes ago, there were none to be found. Then we will spend some more hours on the raft even in the dark if needed in order to get as far as possible down river.

During the afternoon we will visit a farm to try some fruits straight from the tree.

Camp out by the beach. (Time on the Raft: approx 7 hrs)

4th day.- It is on this day when we will get to the point where Kaka River and La Paz River join to form Beni River From this point to the end of Beni River we have 1200km but if we include all the meanders it is about 1500 km. We will sail around 150 k of this great Beni River. We will stop for lunch and for a walk in the Madidi Jungle for about 3 hours to then continue to the next camp site.
Night walk after dinner for you to feel the Jungle in the dark. (time on the raft 5-6 hrs)

5th day.-This day is mostly for navigating downstream and we will have many chances to jump in the water. On
both sides of the River there are protected areas and the Jungle you will see is pristine. Clay cliffs where Macaws are frequently seen will be there not disturbed by any noise. (time on the Raft: approx 8 hrs)

6th day.-Morning mostly for navigating downstream. However if we didn’t get too far on this day we might be
pulled by a motorised canoe in order to get to our destination. Around midday we get to the starting point of the amazing Canopy Zip Line to experience the Rainforest at the level of the tree tops. Just overwhelming! After about an hour walking we will start crossing the Jungle, this time like free birds enjoying the green. Arrive in Rurre 3 to 6 p.m. (Time on the raft: approx 4-5 hrs)

* Programme above is just a reference. Times for departures, meals and activities may vary as they depend on different factors. The guide will tell the group every morning about the day programme.


Scheduled once a week. Other days with 3 days notice. Min 4 pax.


10 people max per raft. 1 min for set departures.


Bike with hydraulic brakes, helmet, knee and elbow protection, trousers & jacket wind proof for bike ride, bike t-shirts, cd with photos of the bike ride,1 night basic hostel,4 nights acc-camping, tent & mattress, transport, raft, Spanish speaking guide, cook, meals 6B–6L–5D.


Sleeping bag, water (purifying pills) & drinks, cigarettes, snacks, entrance fee to Madidi National Park 125 Bs, entrance fee to Death road 25 Bs, tips.


We can include English Speaking Guide or interpreter for 100 usd extra to be paid by the group not per person and for the whole tour. Note that the entire group must agree with this fact.


You can bring all of your staff. We put your rucksack in the support vehicle and in plastic bags on the raft. Note that all your clothes must be in sealed plastic bags.


You have no place with power access to recharge camera batteries once the tour has started, so please make sure your batteries are well charged or better yet bring an extra battery.


Stream can be dry during the dry season, we may have to purify the brown water of the main river. Purifying pills are needed for days 3,4,5 & 6 because there’s no place where to buy bottled water. It is recommended to drink 3 lts of water per day.


The Jungle raft has no roof so it is easy to get sunstroke. If you get sunstroke then the trip turns miserable. Bring a wide bring hat. If you bring a cap make sure you bring a bandana as well to cover your neck.


You need one set of pants and shirt to get wet on the Raft and for mosquitoes.

PRICE: 2890 Bs P/PERSON (422 usd)